5 Gym Hair Hacks

5 gym hair hacks? Yes please! I don’t think there’s a woman on this planet who doesn’t struggle fitting in workouts with when to wash her hair. Sweat, excess oil and humidity can all ruin our vibe but with these quick tips you’ll be slaying the treadmill in no time. Let’s go…
Pamper While You Work

This hack is surprisingly amazing and not only good for your hair but will make it way easier to slick everything back off your face too. Using a hair mask while you exercise works in the same way as putting a shower cap on over the top of your treatment. Both create heat which causes the cuticles to swell and allows the product to soak deeper into your hair. You might think this is crazy but the silkiness of your locks afterwards will be totally worth it.

Kink Free Zone

If you want your hair to look as fresh as possible after your workout then this is going to be your go to style. All you need to do is pile your hair at the very top of your head in a bun and use a crocodile clip or invisibobble to hold it in place. This might not be the most flattering look but putting your hair up high will keep it as sweat free as possible and the crocodile clip will prevent kinks. Before you take your hair down make sure to work in some dry shampoo at your roots  and brush out any tangles. So simple!

Go For Beach Vibes

If you need your hair to look socially acceptable after your workout then go for some effortless beachy waves. These are an easy texture to create on the go and they don’t have to be really polished either. A salt spray will work wonders at adding some much needed texture and the alcohol in the ingredients will help to cleanse your hair of sweat and excess oil too.

Blow Dry Your Hair On Cold

One of the biggest hair concerns after a workout is frizz, especially when you’re battling the steam from the locker room showers. To smooth down your locks pick up the hair dryer and blast your hair on cold. This will help to smooth out your strands and add shine as it seals the cuticle, stopping frizz in its tracks.

Dry Shampoo Before And After

If you really want to skip shampooing your hair then you’re going to need a lot of dry shampoo. Applying it before, especially around your hairline will help to soak up excess moisture and stop your hair getting greasy as you work out. You’ll still have to use some afterwards but keeping your hair as dry as possible is key. For the best results go for one that’s invisible and has a fragrance like the CoLab Dry Shampoo Active. It doesn’t have any residue so you can use as much as you like and it comes in their signature scent Monaco which will leave your hair smelling shower fresh.
From Dirtylooks.com