Best Hair Care Tips After Washing

After a hair wash, your hair is clean and smells great. You may use the right shampoo and conditioner to make your hair look awesome, but it is the care after washing which matters the most. There are certain hair care tips after washing which you need to follow in order to make your hair look great.

Washing your hair and then wrapping it into a bun just for the sake of getting a curly look will only ruin your hair. It will also form and increase the dandruff production which will lead to further hair problems.
To prevent further hair problems, here are some of the best hair care tips after washing:
The best hair care tips after washing is to use an absorbent towel which will soak up the excess water from your hair . When you dry your hair with a towel, do not rub it in a harsh manner. It is best to just dab your wet hair with the soft towel.
Another good hair care tip to follow after washing is to wrap your hair in the towel for a few minutes to allow the excess water to come out.
On damp hair, it is better to apply a leave-in conditioner so that it helps to nourish and moisturise the roots of your hair.
Another hair care tip after washing is to apply a light layer of oil so that the moisture in the hair is sealed, thus preventing dry hair.
In order to detangle the knots in your hair after washing, use a wide tooth comb. This comb will prevent the hair from splitting as well. Keep in mind – Begin from the bottom, and slowly move upwards towards the scalp with your wide comb.
The most important hair care tip after washing is to blow dry your hair only about 95 per cent; Leave the other 5 per cent of your hair to dry on its own.
As much as possible, it is best to dry your hair in the sun. It is said that sunlight helps to add bounce to your hair.
It is always better to let your hair dry naturally, so as to keep away from all kinds of harsh machines that can cause hair falls.