Why You Shouldnt Pick Your Split Ends

Do you have a habit of picking your split ends? We know, we know, sometimes it just can’t be helped. From twirling or pulling your strands, any chance to separate the dry, wispy ends is tempting. But, one thing is for sure – picking your splits ends needs to stop…
First of all, let us clear up what a split end is. It’s pretty simple, the end of a hair strand that is damaged, resulting in the strand separating into two or more fragments. How do you get split ends? They are are result of damage to you hair from a number of factors such as, heat, combing, washing, dyeing your hair or even wearing your tresses in a ponytail. When one of these factors work to damage your hair, the outer layer which is the cuticle, starts to peel away, leaving your hair frizzy and more prone to breakage than ever before.

By picking split ends you are of course, working to damage your hair even more. It’s like when you have a piece of loose thread on your clothes, once you pull the thread it will keep unraveling and in the end ruin your clothes. Picking or pulling a split end works in the same way, so keep those mitts of your split ends girls!

If you pick your split ends, the damage will come when you tear away at them. Pulling them apart actually makes the problem a lot worse, so instead of having small splits you could end up with long lengths of locks that have been thinned out due to pulling the split end apart. This thinned out  hair shafe is then more prone to tangle which could lead to it  breaking off entirely, leaving you with shorter tresses which are even more prone to split ends.

Not only that, when you pick your split ends you are also slowing hair growth. So, if you trying to achieve long, dreamy locks, be sure to kick this habit asap. Also, when styling your hair, be sure to avoid any product with a high alcohol content as this will work to dry out your split ends rather than hydrate them. We love, love, looove, Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender for giving our split ends all of the TLC that they crave and helping to restore our tresses back to good health.

Do you have any tips for mending split ends? : )

From dirtylooks.com