Cambodian Hair With Straight Texture

Cambodian Hair  Straight is very durable and strong. This texture has  2 kinds: soft and coarse, it is soft and easy to maintain. Cambodian hair holds curls very well in humid weather. Hair comes in a natural dark brown hair color.

Cambodian hair is amongst the most exotic hair available and hands down the most amazing in the market. We bring this hair to you in its purest form. It is 100% authentic virgin hair and with that comes our guarantee of no matting or tangling. Cambodian hair is always free of any harsh chemical processing.

Our Cambodian hair is naturally thick, luscious and super bouncy. Since Cambodian strands are thicker in diameter, it is ideal for the client that enjoys a fuller more voluminous look.

Our Cambodian hair extensions are available in lengths up to 28″ inches.

With Cambodian hair, don’t worry about style you want, your style is only limited to your creativity.

This is our raw Cambodian hair in its natural state it has a low to medium luster. Hair has never been processed for color or texture, and is not available in textures such as deep wave, body wave, loose wave. This texture is only available in the natural hair textures of each donor. This hair can last at least 3 years with proper care.

In fact Cambodian hair has Thin strand and thick strand but our company sell mainly with strand thick and coarse. With Thin strand or medium strand we sell with Vietnamese hair. Because Vietnamese hair is so nice with that volume.

Cambodian hair extensions also have natural straight, wavy or curly (also with steam curly) but this writing I introduce more about Cambodian Hair Straight.

Clients often order silky hair and soft hair from Vietnamese hair and if they are looking for coarse and thick hair, we will recommend with Cambodian hair.

For each head, normally need 3 bundles of weft (each bundle 100 gram) and 1 closure or 2 bundles of weft and 1 frontal. This is normal way for both Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair for a full head.

In brief, with straight texture, if you want soft and silky hair you can choose Vietnamese hair, with Thick or coarse hair you should choose Cambodian hair from us which is so special for your client.

These are some pictures of Cambodian hair straight from us:





Next time we will tell about Cambodian hair wavy and curly from us. Keep following us.