What To Do With Greasy Hair

Wanting to prolong the gap between shampooing is great but putting up with a bad hair day in the meantime is the worst. We’ve all been there, desperately trying to dry shampoo, backcomb and stuff our poor lacklustre strands into a hat before making it out the door on time. To save you the trauma of another bad hair day, we’re going to give you some quick greasy hair tips to get your tresses looking super fresh.

Create volume and texture

Backcombing your hair is a great way to add texture and volume as well as hiding the grease. Try and concentrate the backcombing at your roots to add lots of lift that will stop your hair looking flat.

Reach for the dry shampoo

This is a pretty failsafe option and definitely the easiest. You need to make sure you keep the can at least a few inches away from your hairline so you don’t deposit too much product in one area. Work in sections too so that you can evenly cover all your roots and suck up the excess oil. If you can, pick up a dry shampoo that’s volumising to give you some root lift too that will make your hair look even fresher.

Curl your hair

Curling your hair helps to add volume and texture that will mask your greasy strands. Try and go for tighter curls too and take them as close to your roots at possible to add some lift. You can use this along with your dry shampoo to bulk up the strands too.

Don’t play with it

It’s tempting to touch your hair a lot during the day but the oils on your hands will only serve to add more grease into the mix. Fix your style in the morning and then try your best not to touch it for fiddle with your strands during the day.

Incorporate braids and twists

If you’re wearing your hair up try and incorporate some braids or hair twists to add texture. This will disguise your flat roots and add lots of volume that will mask greasy hair.

Only wash the front of your hair

This might not be the easiest but if you have a fringe it could be a good one for you. Just take a section of hair at the front of your head and wash those strands rather than doing an all over wash. The rest of your hair might not feel amazing but at least it’s a quick fix to mask your problem in the meantime.

Go with it

You’re in luck this season because slicked back hairstyles are really on trend right now. So, instead of trying to mask your greasy roots, take a comb and pull them into a low pony. You can use hairspray to smooth down any flyaways and then curl your pony to finish the look.

We hope you found these helpful, especially for mornings when you have zero time to do anything let alone wash your hair! Have any greasy tips of your own? Pop them in our comments box below.
From dirtylooks.com