7 Hair Care Myths Busted

Ever feel like one article will tell you one thing and then the next one you read will say something completely different? It’s so hard to figure out what’s true or what will REALLY make your hair grow faster. To help you guys out we’ve busted the 7 biggest hair care myths that you need to stop believing…
Your hair gets ‘used’ to certain products

You can use the same shampoo forever and the effects will be the same because your hair definitely doesn’t get used to a product. Normally it’s because we try something new and it has a different effect so we think it’s worth switching but it’s only because different shampoos are formulated to do different things.

Air drying is better than blow drying

Eeek sorry gals but this isn’t true either. When your hair is wet it swells and if it’s swelling for 2 hours (or however long it takes to air dry your hair) it can start to weaken the protein bonds. This will eventually make it more prone to damage and could lead to more split ends and breakage. It’s best to leave your hair until it’s about 60% dry and then use your hairdryer on a low setting to remove the extra moisture.

Rinsing with cold water gives you shinier hair

Soo not true and thank God because it’s not fun either. For years beauty magazines have been telling us to turn the shower on cold as it will seal the cuticle and give us shinier hair. This is definitely a myth and a recent study actually found that warm water will make your hair look shinier than cold.


Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

So, so, so false. The rate your hair grows is all down to genetics and not how often you take the chop. It does, however, prevent split ends so that you’ll hold on to more length than usual, giving you the illusion that your hair is growing faster.

You can fix split ends

As much as we wish this one was true, unfortunately you can’t mend a split end once it’s split. The only remedy is to snip it off before it damages the rest of your hair shaft. Repairing hair masks and serums will help to prevent against damage but there’s no miracle product for this one.

Dandruff happens when your scalp is dry

The complete opposite actually. It’s the extra oil from your scalp that causes your skin cells to clump together and create the flakes. Rather than trying to moisturise your scalp you want to stick to a clarifying, anti-dandruff shampoo instead to get rid of it.

Brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it grow quicker

False! It actually won’t make any difference. The myth is that it stimulates your hair follicles but you could actually do more damage than good by over brushing. Unless you’re super gentle it can snap off your hair, so it’s best to stick to your normal brush routine.
From dirtylooks.com