How To Switch Up Your Hair Routine For The Summer

Festivals, pool parties and days at the beach are the perfect excuse to try out those summer hairstyles you’ve been coveting. Just like your skin, you need to be protecting those tresses against heat damage and major frizziness though. To help you guys out here are a few ways you can switch up your hair routine for the summer and keep it looking its best.
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

The heat will dry out your hair and make it more prone to frizz so it’s important to keep it as hydrated as possible over the summer months. Use a nourishing mask once a week and keep your hair topped up with a serum to prevent it from drying out. If you want something more low maintenance though, leave in conditioners are a really good shout.

Include an SPF

It goes without saying that you should always use a heat protectant but adding an SPF to your routine could make a big difference too. Using an SPF will help to protect your colour and prevent your hair getting dry in the heat. For an affordable version check out Tigi’s Beach Bound Protection Spray or if you’re feeling spendy go for Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap.

Get your hair wet before swimming

Chlorine strips the natural oils in your hair which is why it feels super dry after you’ve been swimming. To prevent this just get your hair wet before jumping in as it will stop your locks from soaking up as much of the chlorine. You can also run some conditioner through the lengths for extra protection too.

Use a colour protecting shampoo

As the sun can bleach your hair you really need to protect your colour during the summer months. It’s definitely worth investing in a protecting shampoo and some styling products that work with your colour. If you’re not sure what’s best ask your stylist at your next appointment to recommend some products and to give you some tips. For blonde hair we’d recommend the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Tone Correcting Conditioning Spray to prevent any brassiness and to keep your hair looking super glossy.

Skip the heat styling

Heat styling zaps your hair of moisture so once you get out and into the humid air it’s just going to suck it all back in and get really frizzy. Go for some heatless hairstyles instead and use lots of product to hold everything in place. If you need some inspo check out our heatless curls video here.

Cover up your hair

It’s definitely worth picking up a cute sun hat, bandana or cap to hide your hair away for a few hours a day. If you’re out in the sun you want to give your hair a break just like you do with your skin in the shade as it will help to cool it down and prevent lasting damage to your locks.