3 Diy Hair Mask Recipes

Want the healthiest locks on the gram without splashing out on a fancy mask? Then you need to pick up these ingredients asap as our DIY hair mask recipes are going to totally transform your hair…
Good for: Dry or damaged hair

You’ll need: ½ an Avocado, 1 tbsp of Honey and 1 Egg

It’s great because: Avocado helps to moisturise the scalp and is full of essential oils which will nourish the lengths of your hair. You’ve then got the honey which is an emollient so it seals the moisture in and lastly the egg for an extra hit of protein.

How to: Start by mashing up the avocado and then once it’s smooth add your honey in and mix them together. Next whisk your egg until yellow and add this to the avocado and honey. You’ll need to apply the Mega Repairer in small amounts at a time and in small sections. Otherwise it’ll run everywhere! Once all of your hair is covered clip it up and cover with a shower cap for 20 minutes. You can then shampoo as normal.


Good for: Dandruff or grease prone hair

You’ll need: 1 Lemon, 1 tbsp of Honey and 1 tbsp of natural Yoghurt

It’s great because: As lemon is acidic it will help to clear up any left over product buildup in your hair and gently cleanse your follicles. This is perfect for dandruff prone hair and will give your scalp a super deep clean. Next we have the honey which is a natural antioxidant and prevents against damage while strengthening your follicles. Lastly the natural yoghurt is full of lactic acid which is great for fighting dandruff too and is also full of protein to strengthen your hair.

How to: Start by mixing your ingredients together in a bowl, making sure they are fully mixed before you start. This mask will be super runny so it might be easier to apply it in the shower or over the bath just in case! Working in small sections coat all of your hair and make sure to work the mixture into your scalp too. Once you’re done put a shower cap on over the top and leave it to work in for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Good for: Hair Growth

You’ll need: 4 fresh strawberries, 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of honey

It’s great because: Strawberries promote iron production and are a great source of Vitamin C and Silica, both of which encourage healthy hair growth. The coconut oil is amazing for moisturising and preventing split ends as well as being full of hair boosting fatty acids. Just be careful not to use too much!

How to: Start by blending the strawberries and then add the coconut oil and honey into the mixture. Apply this in small sections and make sure to massage it into your scalp to get the best results. Leave the Growth Serum on for 10-20 minutes and then rinse your hair as normal.

From dirtylooks.com