5 Hairstyles that will survive a rainy day

Rain is our worst enemy when it comes to hair and unfortunately ‘drowned rat’ isn’t a major trend this season either. To help you out we’ve found 5 easy hairstyles that will withstand the showers and keep you looking totally polished all day long. Let’s find out through the article below.

Dutch braid pony

To create this gorgeous pony all you need to do is create two dutch braids running next to each other down the side of your head. First take a section closer to your hairline and clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Dutch braid the front section and then take another even section next to it and start your second braid. Once you’re done pull out the braids to make them appear thicker. This will also help you cover the gap between the braids but you might need to use a few bobby pins to hold them in place. Once you’re done pull the hair back into a pony and wrap a strand of hair around your bobble to finish.

The half up, half down

The half up, half down is perfect for rainy days as it tames the hairs around your face which tend to get dishevelled first. Pulling them up out the way means you only have to worry about the lengths and they’re pretty easy to fix with a quick brush and some serum. To create this look simply pull the top layer of hair into a pony, being as messy or neat as you like. You then want to wrap the pony into a loose bun around the bobble and pin it in place with some bobby pins. Finish up with some hairspray for extra hold and you’re done!


The classic messy bun

Last but not least is every girl’s favourite go-to style: the messy bun. There are so many ways to create a messy bun but we think the easiest is to start with a looped ponytail and create the shape using bobby pins. This also means it will be super secure and able to withstand bad weather! Make sure to pull some strands out around your face too and finish with a dust of hairspray.

Polished pony

This look is so pretty, simple to recreate and easy to shield under your umbrella! Just pull your hair back into a high pony and wrap a section of hair from underneath around the bobble to conceal it. You then want to backcomb the pony to create some more volume and texture, making sure to set it with hairspray as you go. For extra oomph hide a small jaw clip in the centre of your pony, as close to the bobble as you can. This is a little red carpet secret that works especially well for fine hair.


The low bun

Not only is this super easy to recreate but it’s also totally weather proof and really flattering. To create this look simply pull all your hair back in a low pony, leaving out a strand of hair at the nape of your neck. On your last wrap of your hair bobble don’t pull your pony all the way through so that you make a loop. Taking the section of hair you left out, wrap it round the bobble and pin it in place for a polished finish. You can then pull out a few strands around your face for a softer look and add a light dusting of hairspray.

From dirtylooks.com