A Guide to Hair Extensions First Time Wearer

Diving into the world of hair extensions may seem intimidating, but we promise after your first try you will be hooked! The satisfaction of being able to add length and volume to your hair that you have been dreaming of for years is a feeling unlike anything that we can describe in words.
Sure, that seems a little dramatic, but don’t knock it until you try it! If you are a first-time hair extension wearer, then this guide is a must read. We will break down how to choose the best hair extension method and brand for you, as well as recommended maintenance.
Choosing A Hair Extension Method
Every hair extension method has its’ pros and cons, but it comes down to finding a method that is suitable for your hair type, lifestyle, and budget. There are four attachment methods to choose from, including strand-by-strand, weft, clip-in, and micro-link skin weft. Whichever method you decide to choose, always turn to a salon professional for an application, otherwise you might put yourself at risk for damaging your hair.
Strand by Strand
Strand by strand method of hair extensions is applied to the hair with heat (Hot Fusion) or a bead (Cold Fusion). Hot Fusion is attached by melting individual U-Tip bonds, whereas Cold Fusion uses micro-links or beads to attach each strand. Hot Fusion is most suitable for coarse, thick hair and one application can last up to 6 months. Cold Fusion is not suitable for thin, fine hair as the bead attachments may become visible.
Rather than applying individual strands, weft hair extensions can be applied in rows. Tape in hair extensions uses a polyurethane tape to apply to the hair, making this method most suitable for thin, fine hair. The base of the panel is thin, so the attachment will not be visible. Glue in is a method where the weft is applied to the hair using, you guessed, it glue! Glue in is more of a temporary method, as it only lasts a few days or until your next shower. Sew in or braided extensions is a method that is commonly used for coarse, thick or curly hair. The stylist will create a braid with your natural hair then sew in the base of the panel.
Clip in
Clip in extensions is one of the most common forms of hair extensions. Applied using clips, this method of hair extensions is temporary and can be taken out at the end of the day. This method may not be suitable for thin, fine hair if everyday use is desired, as the weight of the panels may cause damage over time.
Micro-Link Skin Weft
Micro-Link Skin Weft is a unique method as there is only one brand of extensions that has patented this method; Klix! A weft of hair is applied to the head using silicone beads. This method is most suitable for medium-density to thick hair, as the panels may be too bulky for thin, fine hair.
Finding the Best Brand
Once you have chosen a method that works best for you, it’s time to choose a brand! Hair Extension Magazine has done most research for you, as we have listed the Top 10 Brands in the industry! Based on the hair extension reviews, you can decide which brand would best fit your lifestyle and budget. We recommend taking a look at each brand page to check out the company background as well as their website. You can also call the company to get more information as well as find a certified stylist in your area.
Hair Extension Maintenance
With longer, thicker hair comes the responsibility of adjusting your hair care routine. For semi-permanent methods (strand-by-strand, weft, and micro-link skin wefts) it’s important to use the recommended shampoo, as well as never condition or apply oils/serums near the root. With tape in extensions, do not wet the hair or even excessively sweat for 24-48 hours after application to avoid compromising the bond. You must brush your hair at least three times a day to keep the extensions shiny and tangle free. If you prefer to sleep with wet hair, always style your hair with a loose braid and fasten with a scrunchie to avoid breakage. If you frequently use hot tools, apply a heat protectant before styling to protect your extensions and natural hair.
Although hair extensions will require you to make some lifestyle adjustments, we promise that it will all be worth it. It might sound crazy, but you will be excited to wake up in the morning and style your new hair. Finally, you will be the girl with the hair that everyone in your classroom or office will envy.

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