How To: Prevent Tangling Hair Extensions

Whether it’s your natural hair or hair extensions, tangling and matting can be a hassle. If you have extensions and are experiencing tangling, it is important to discuss with your stylist whether the tangling is normal or extreme.
Tangling will occur, similar to your natural hair. However, excessive tangling could mean you have a defective batch of hair, or you are not following the proper care and maintenance for hair extensions.
Hair extension tangling can occur for various reasons, including product buildup, frequent use of hot tools, and not using the recommended hair care products for your extensions.
Here are a few tips that will prevent or minimize your hair extensions from tangling and becoming a knotted mess!
Recommended Hair Care Products
Use the recommended products for your specific extensions. Always apply a heat protectant before using any hot tools. Any oils or moisturizing products should be used from the mid-shaft down, as they can cause certain methods of extensions to slip. If you are experiencing product build-up, clarify the ends of your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Be careful, though, frequent clarifying the hair can cause the color to fade faster.
Deep Conditioner
Dry hair is a common culprit of tangling hair extensions. Commit to using a deep conditioner once a week or a daily leave-in conditioner. Make sure to only apply the conditioner to the ends to avoid greasy roots, which may cause your extensions to slip. Conditioning your hair will restore any moisture lost due to heat styling, swimming in chlorine, weather, etc.
Brush, Brush, Brush
Brushing your hair should be one of the most important steps in your hair extension care routine. Keep a paddle or loop brush handy to keep up with the recommended three times a day, and always brush gently from the tip to the root.
Wrapping your hair up turban-style or rubbing your hair together with a towel can cause a lot of friction and tangling. Instead, gently squeeze the water out of your hair using an old t-shirt.
Bedtime Routine
Keep your hair tangle free by putting your hair in a loose braid or ponytail before bedtime. Make sure to use a scrunchie, rather than an elastic band, as the tension from a tight elastic band can cause hair breakage. Sleeping with a silk pillow, rather than cotton or other material can minimize the amount of friction caused by tossing and turning throughout the night.

From Hairextensionmagazine