Virgin Hair Boutique from Vietnam  and How to know if that hair is virgin or not?

Why do we call it virgin hair?

We call virgin hair because this hair is collected from single donors and it is not processed, bleached, dyed or made anything…Virgin hair is remy hair although remy hair is not necessary virgin hair. In our Virgin Hair Boutique there is much virgin hair which was cut from children or girls and they have not cut it yet since they were born.

Which hair do we have in our Virgin Hair Boutique?

With virgin hair, we often find it in provinces and mountainous areas because in these areas there are many farmers and they almost not make anything with their hair. They only wash the hair clearly every some days.

The hair we collect from 3 countries: mainly in Vietnam, also in Laos and Cambodia. Vietnamese hair and Laotian hair is the same each other, it is mostly silky and soft. With Cambodian hair there is also silky hair but we only sell wavy coarse hair from Cambodian hair. Many customers like this kind of hair.

Texture from our virgin hair has: straight, wavy and a little curly. With wavy, more with body wavy texture. Some customers like to buy virgin hair from us to make texture as they want from it, maybe made by steam and the hair will be nice and last long time.

One thing many customer also care so much from our Virgin Hair Boutique is color. In 3 countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, there are 2 virgin hair’s colors: black and dark brown. Maybe you often see women here with long hair with black color. However if you see carefully, dark  brown color is more popular here.  Almost customers buy virgin hair from us to bleach or dye hair color then and it is very easy for the color they want to appear. If with processed hair, when you bleach or dye, the color doest not appear exactly as you want before. That is the reason why customers like virgin hair although they often not use black or dark brown color.

Virgin hair’s length we have from 6 inches until 42 inches and if you find the hair from children or girls, you can choose length from 6 inches to 24 inches. With longer hair than 24 inches, it is virgin hair but it can’t be from children or girls.

How can you check that hair is virgin hair or not?

Firstly you can see the texture and color to know if the hair is processed or not. With the texture it is easy to recognize, with the color, virgin hair from our areas only has black and dark brown so if you see light brown, it will be easy to be dyed hair. There is 1 way to recognize if the hair is dyed or not. You only need to use a knife to check the hair. When you scrape the outer layer of the hair, if you get white powder it means that is virgin hair and if colorful powder, it is dyed hair.

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Where can you buy virgin hair from us?

You can access our website:  where you can see Virgin Hair Boutique there with many kinds of hair from length, texture and color…

On this website you can check the hair, price and if you want to order, please contact with us on whatsapp/mobile/imo…+84 969 133 203

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                                             All virgin hair from a girl 14 years


                                                                      Virgin Hair in Bulk

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                                                                    Virgin hair in weft 

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                                        Virgin hair from us after making by the client