20 Inch Hair Extensions - One of the hottest products

20 inch hair extensions is the length many customers like to buy for the best hair. This length is not short and not long, it is can be called medium hair and being the choice of many ones.

We are committed to provide enough length, not shorter for all customers. With wavy/curly, the hair will be straightended to measure. Sometime in store there is not right size for customers, we often take longer length although it is more expensive.

Normally we supply hair extensions from 8 inch to 32 inch. However, if you need longer, we still supply for you.

Here are some pictures of 20 inch hair extensions for customers to choose with some kinds of hair.

20 inch hair extensions

20 inch hair extensions – Raw hair after cutting from donors

20 inch hair extensions 2

20 inch hair extensions – Machine weft hair natural black

20 inch hair extensions 3

20 inch hair extensions – Machine weft hair natural dark brown

20 inch hair extensions 4

20 inch hair extensions – Machine weft hair natural wavy

20 inch hair extensions 6

20 inch hair extensions – Steam curly hair

20 inch hair extensions 7

Hair extensions from 12 inch to 24 inch

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