The Olive Oil Soap Solution

Why would you need to use anything else on your skin when there is Olive Oil Soap available in this world? I have become addicted to ‘The Olive Oil Soap Company’ soap. Oh my goodness, they are so yummy! You wont even need dessert after smelling their peppermint bar– I have one in the bathroom at the moment – so good.

Give yourself time to adjust

The most interesting thing about using this soap for the first time, was that my body actually freaked out. After 24 years of chemicals and solvents and foaming salts, why skin was not used to the mild, chemical free slightly foaming soap. I was using very harsh cleansers in the shower which where stripping my skin of all it’s natural oil. My skin felt clean, but also so dry that I was then applying chemically constructed moisturiser to my dry damaged skin. The cycle continued and I was hooked. If I did not perpetuate the cycle then I would break out and re confirm the fact that I needed those products.

You need to persist while your skin is going a little crazy. Every skin type will respond differently to the Olive Oil soap, perhaps a few days or maybe even a week.

It can be used on your entire body


The Olive Oil Soap, Chemical Free SkinOnce I got used to the natural soap, I never looked back. We use them very quickly in our house as everyone uses them for everything. These soaps are lathered into shaving creams, used as cleansers and make up removers on our faces. They are the soap we give to our family to use on their children. I even use it to wash my hair.

Did you say wash your hair?

Yes, I did. No shampoo. No conditioner. I no longer have a bazaar and intricate system of washing, rinsing, combing, conditioning, waiting, detangling and repeating in the shower. I wash my hair in Olive Oil soap every couple of days.

Like what I was saying about the skin on my face, most conditioners are needed to replace the natural oils that your shampoo strips away from your scalp.

A beautiful old greek woman asked me the other day what I had started to wash my hair with. She see’s me every day at work and she had noticed the change. She commented on how strong, shiny and healthy it looked. I told her it was just Olive oil soap and she giggled back at me, ‘Me too!’ She is older now, but you could not tell. She used to be a model and was friends with Lenard Cohen when they lived together on Hydra. She is the same lady who told me the secrets of Lemon Juice and all the wonderful things you can do with it. I wrote about Lemon Juice Here.

Totally chemical free

There is no denying the harmful effects of smearing your entire body with chemicals, toxins and poisons. Your skin is your bodies largest organ.

I am not sure who said it first, but I now live by the motto that I don’t put anything on my skin that I could not safely put in my mouth. These soaps only have two ingredients, Olive Oil and a single essential oil, depending on the scent you choose – Thats it! Checkout the amazing production process on their website.

From Itpandme