Onion Juice:A Remedy to Minimise Hair Loss and Facilitate Hair Growth

The usage of onion juice for hair loss has been an age old phenomenon. Owing to the high content of sulphur in onion, the juice extracted from it is considered to be highly useful in minimising hair loss and facilitating hair growth. In fact, the usage of onion juice for hair loss is one of the best suited remedies for managing hair fall owing to the fact that it’s completely natural and free from side effects. The only challenge is to get your facts right with respect to its usage to get the best results.

Onion Juice for Hair Loss: The Usage Norms

You need to use onion juice on a regular basis for noticeable results. Using it once or twice a week will hardly help.
The notion that consuming onion juice helps to prevent excessive hair loss is a gross myth. Consuming onion juice directly will be quite an ordeal owing to its offensive odour. Thankfully, all you are required to do to aid hair loss is apply onion juice on your hair and scalp externally and wash it off later for effective results.
The best way to extract the juice of onion is to cut it into fine pieces and put them in a blender to blend them into a fine paste. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is to blend. Once the blending has been completed, strain and extract the juice. Keep the pulp aside to prepare onion hair masks that can be used for topical application and may prove to be of immense benefit.
The only problem that may exist with applying onion juice on your hair is the pungent odour. Once applied, the smell from your hair can be truly repelling. The best way to counter this odour is to use a mildly scented shampoo for washing off 45 minutes post applying the onion juice. Alternatively, you may also mix honey with the onion juice and apply it on your hair. Honey will counter the odour of onion juice well and is also useful in managing hair-loss.
If you are suffering from post partum hair loss, regular usage of onion juice may be the right answer to preserve your strands.

When it comes to hair loss remedies, sticking to natural remedies is better. Make sure you know how to go about using them correctly for a safe and effective experience.

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