Why do many Vietnamese women have long hair?

Have you ever thought that Vietnamese women need a long hair for more money when they sell it? In fact, that is not the reason which makes Vietnamese women want to let their hair so long even now long hair with “Áo dài” now become the symbol of Vietnam.


Do Vietnamese man like Vietnamese women with long hair more?

Long time ago almost Vietnamese women had long hair with natural color (black or dark brown) and texture (straight or wavy/curly). Since a  girl baby, her parents like long hair, not cut more (maybe cut a little). There are many fathers only want their daughters to have long hair and consider it as an obvious thing, no one is allowed to cut it shorter without permission from them.

There is not little man in Vietnam like their wives or girlfriends to have long hair. Many people of them said that they feel their women look more lovely and beautiful with long hair in their eyes.


Do Vietnamese women like long hair?

It is the fact that many women like to have long hair. Maybe the nice image of long hair becomes deeply impression with them. It is traditional beauty and traditional style.

Sometime with some women, they try to have long hair because their husbands or boyfriends like it although they don’t like it so much. Traditional Vietnamese women always get difficulty for them and they can do anything because of their husband and children.

With some ethnic women (Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups) they rarely have short hair, only have long hair or very long hair. They often take the bun on the top and that is their custom.

How do they care with long hair?

Maybe many people will think that it is inconvenient to have so long hair but with women from Vietnam who own those hair they always feel happy with the hair and consider as their children. They still like traditional washing method with plant and tree likes grapefruit, locust fruit, basil tree…However, when they want to save time, they can use shampoo with conditioners or oil from these plant and fruit.


How is the situation now?

In the industrial and modern society now, many women from rural or mountainous areas come to cities to work and study so they change their style hair with shorter or dyed one. But many Vietnamese women still like long hair and the fact that many man still love women owning long hair too.

That is the reason why today there are still very beautiful Vietnamese Long Hair and we can see some girls with long hair on the street of Vietnam.


Written by Googlehair.com