Top 7 Ways to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

Everyone desires thick, shiny and beautiful hair. Hair is one of the indicators of one’s overall health, youth and even physical attractiveness. Find out if your hair is healthy or not.

7 Signs of Healthy Hair
Shine – If your hair is full of lustre, it is one of the signs that you’ve got healthy hair. Your hair will have shine only when the hair shaft is smooth. Brittle, damaged hair shafts are rough.

Smoothness – When you have undamaged hair shafts, your hair will be smooth. If your hair feels silky smooth, it’s healthy!

Elasticity – Healthy hair will always be elastic in texture. A healthy hair should stretch, just like a rubber band.

Moisture – You’ve got healthy hair if they don’t frizz up in humid conditions. On the other hand, damaged cuticles stick out even more when damp.

Healthy Scalp – A clear scalp suggests good hair health. If there is dandruff, hair is not healthy.

No Need of a Detangler – Healthy hair have smooth hair shafts that don’t need detangling products because they can easily detangle on their own.

You Lose Hair – When you shed hair, it’s actually a good thing, but too much of hair fall is not. Hair is healthy when you are losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day. More loss suggests hair is not in good health.


Reality Checks for Hair Health

Stand in front of the mirror. If you notice little white dots through your mane, they’re most likely to be split ends. It suggests hair breakage from poor hair health.
Drop a strand of hair into a container of water. If the strand floats, your hair is healthy. Damaged, dry hair is porous and will therefore, absorb the water and sink.
As mentioned, it is healthy to lose a few hair strands. Pay attention in the shower to see if there is a dramatic increase in the amount of hair.
When you are styling your hair, check if the hair appears shiny and lies flat. Damaged hair will become frizzy more easily.

You can do these reality checks to find if your hair is healthy. If the result doesn’t please you, try taking better care of your hair.

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