Maybe you are meeting difficulty in finding a good hair supply store in your country because of many reasons: high price, not good quality, inconvenient…why don’t you find a hair supply store online and from other countries?

We know that you sometime don’t feel secure when buying online from other countries, specially, with virgin hair which has high price so if you meet cheating persons, you will loose huge money. However, when you meet a good supplier, it will be good for you at that moment and long time in future. Understanding that issue we are always trying the best to become your good supplier and then your friend in future, not only customer.

Some questions you should give before purchasing online from hair supply store:

1. Do you offer sample order?

You should order sample with small quantity to test the hair and the service from suppliers. If you feel happy with all from them, then you can buy next time with bigger and then bigger.

2. Do you send pictures or videos about the hair before you shipping?

This is the way you can control your order which was made well or not before you receive it. If you see that the picture or video of hair for your order you don’t feel happy, you can ask them to change for you before shipping.

3. Do you accept Paypal payment?

Although buyers and sellers have to pay high fee for Paypal but in situations you don’t ensure secure about supplier who you have never worked before, Paypal is a good choice for you.

4. Do you have return and exchange policy?

Sometime the hair you receive not like what you and supplier agree before and you want to return or exchange, this is the reason why you should talk clearly with suppliers about it.

What will you have when you purchase hair from our hair supply store (Website:

Beside “YES” answers for above 4 questions, we want to aim 2 strength points from us:

1. You can find 100% Virgin hair high quality from us and this is our proud for many years we have done hair business. Our hair is collected directly from donors with 1 bundle from 1 donor. When you ask about that, we can meet your need so well (no mixing heads if you want). Because of 100% virgin hair high quality so you can dye, bleach, restyle the hair so so well.

2. Our hair lasts so long, at least 3 years. Our hair is not processed anything (accept for situation you ask us to make: steam, dye, bleach..). If not, the hair has full cuticle and be the first hand hair we will sell for you. In fact, no client complaints about last long from our hair, even some clients said that they have used it 5 years and it is till good now.

However, when you compare our company with others, you can see that our price is normally higher than others. It is not that we have more profit than others, it is because we are supplying the best hair for you. When you  buy hair, you should ask if it is 100% virgin hair or only remy hair, because only remy hair not virgin, it will be cheaper so much than virgin hair.

Wish you to find the best hair for you.

Our Hair Supply Store Online at website:

Order Our Hair with whatsapp: +84 969 133 203

Hope for a good cooperation together!

Some pictures from our hair:


The hair after cutting from donor, with 1 bundle from 1 donor


Hair after drawning


Hair in frontal


Hair after making wigs by our clients


Hair on the head, after making wig by our client