How to Restore Dry Damaged Hair Naturally

There is nothing attractive about dry and brittle hair. Although it is very frustrating and overwhelming to manage dry and damaged hair, with a little bit of effort, you can achieve good progress. Dry hair gets damaged in the long run thus the first step to restoring your damaged hair is to make sure it is always moisturized. If you are looking for ways to restore your damaged hair naturally, here are some things you should begin with;

Discontinue Any Harsh Treatments
In order to restore your hair to its original state, you should stop any form of harsh treatments or procedures. Things like bleaching, dyeing, relaxing, and even drying with a drying machine or curling iron should be discontinued immediately. Such processes stain the hair follicles and strip the hair off essential oils making it dry and brittle.

Be Gentle When Handling Your Hair
Dry hair is already weak and will break when handled roughly. If you do not want to lose a huge amount of hair, always handle your hair like special fabric—with care. Massage shampoo into your hair gently and use a soft cotton towel to dry. Even if your hair isn’t dry and damaged, it is still important you handle it gently.

Do Not Shampoo Everyday
Resist the urge to wash your hair everyday. You strip off natural hair oils with too much washing. The oil your hair produces protects your hair from drying. Shampoo once a week and use dry shampoo to combat greasy hair before your next hair wash. After each shampoo session, always follow up with a good hair conditioner to restore texture and shine.

Protective Styles are Your Friends
Rather than subject your hair to too much stress, try out protective styles like wigs. Get your favorite hair extensions made into a wig which can be worn while your hair is recovering. Hair extensions like these are perfect for making wigs that will serve any occasion.

Deep Conditioners are Your Friend
Deep condition your hair once every week to make it soft and shiny. There are different kinds of deep conditioners sold over the counter today.

Essential Oils are Miracle Treatments
Castor oil and argan oil are perfect to retain moisture in your hair. If you cannot find any of these oils, then your regular olive oil or coconut oil should suffice.

Allow your hair to dry naturally after each wash session. Wrap with a towel and wait for all the moisture to dry.

When going to bed at night, apply good amount of conditioner or oil and cover with a silk scarf before sleeping. The scarf will trap in oils and leave your hair soft and well moisturised.

Use natural homemade masks for treating your hair weekly. These masks can be made with items found in your kitchen. Different kinds of mask that are easy to make include; honey mask, honey and olive oil mask, egg and olive oil hair mask, apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil hair mask, essential oil hair mask.

Homemade conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair
Not sure the ideal brand of conditioner to get, then this homemade recipe is the ideal one for you to try. It is natural and free from chemicals and preservatives.


1 cup of honey

1 cup of water

2 tablespoon of olive oil/coconut oil/ jojoba oil

1 cup of coconut milk


Add all listed ingredients into a food processor.
Blend and transfer to a saucepan to heat lightly.
Apply mixture to the hair stating from the roots down to the tips.
Wear a plastic cap and allow the mixture to penetrate for at least 30 minutes.
Wash off with lukewarm water.
Allow hair to air dry.
Homemade Moisturiser for Dry Damaged Hair
In order to combat dry hair, you have to ensure your hair is moisturised at all times. Here is a simple liquid moisturiser recipe to make today;


5 table spoon of olive oil

5 tablespoon of peppermint oil

5 tablespoon of jojoba oil

1 cup water

½ cup of glycerin

Combine all the ingredients into a spare bottle and apply on hair. Always shake before each use. Mixture can be stored and used multiple times.

From Noxuhair