Maybe some suppliers want to be the biggest, the nicest, the best…one, with us we want to be great hair extensions supplier in Vietnam and can introduce Vietnam to the world.

It is the fact that we are a small country and maybe many persons don’t know our country in the world. But now more and more customers know us with products we exports to many countries like rice, agricultural products, clothes…and hair.

Recently with open policies for economy, we can export and import many products easily and we never ending to improve our skills and everything that help us to go up with other countries in the world although we know that we are still backward a lot.

We  always want to try the best to give customers all we can do and that get profit for both customers and us. So we are providing hair to all countries in the world.

From the day we receive orders from customers to the day shipping hair to them, we always in situations: looking forwards to hearing from them every time. Whenever we receive feedback with words: perfect, great, good, love…that gives us so so so much energy to make next order and other orders of others better and better to be a great hair extensions supplier in Vietnam.

Of course also have bad feedback with the hair customers they don’t like so much. But that is good chance for us to see us again and improve all for the best. With these situations we will change the better hair or refund money if they want (include shipping back cost).

Here is some pictures and feedback we are really happy when receive from them. Thank you all, our friend customers always give us the best love. We will try our best to be a great hair extensions supplier for you

Ps: Sorry, with some customers they don’t like to public their face so we blurred them and only show the hair).

(Every feedback or more, please contact us on website: or whatsapp: +84 969 133 203)

Natural wavy handtied weft hair

Great hair extensions 3

Ombre Hair 

Great hair extensions 2

Natural Wavy Machine Weft Hair

Great hair extensions 5.jpg

Natural Wavy Machine Weft Hair

Great hair extensions

Natural Wavy Machine Weft Hair

Great hair extensions 4.jpg

Thin Hair with Machine Weft 

Thin hair.jpg