Is Our Hair Cut From Deadman? The Answer  From Us – One of Top Virgin Hair Companies

Is Our Hair Cut From Deadman? The Answer  From Us – One of Top Virgin Hair Companies 

Many clients has this question when they buy hair from us. Some of them is afraid of this and want to ensure before buying our hair. But we can ensure that our hair is cut totally from aliveman, not deadman because of these reasons:

1. In our country, it is taboo to reuse what belongs to persons who died

All things from the dead is usually burned to ashes after they die. There is also alive someone to reuse belongings of the dead like clothes but only the family members use it, outside familiy people will not dare to use it.

It is quite idealistic, there is someone (who has ever wear clothes of the person who died) told others that in their dream, they saw the person who died come to ask them for giving back them the clothes they were wearing. So maybe because of this reason, nobody wants to reuse anything belongs to persons who died.

That is also one of reasons nobody in our country dare to use the hair from deadman.

2. Hair has spiritual significance in our country

Since ancient time, people in our country has the idea that: they should not cut the hair on the first days of  a month or a year, it will bring not good things for them all the month or the year.

Some drivers here don’t like any person in the car to comb her/his hair. Because they think that it is easier to give them unlucky things when they drive.

It is the fact that there is somone everytime they cut or wash the hair, they will be ill and that is the reason why someone has never cut or washed their hair then. You can read this wring about a person in our country like that:

3. How do we collect the hair? The truth from us – one of top virgin hair companies

We own many persons in many provinces from our country who will come to everywhere to ask to buy the hair. They often go by bike or motorcycle with a speakers and say loudly: “Who has hair to sell”? If there is anyone has hair to sell, they will come to the house of that person to cut hair directly and pay money for them. If anyone has hair to be cut before and sell, it will be very cheap, so almost people will let the hair to be cut by buyers, it will me more expensive.

Every some days we will come to these provinces to get the hair from these collectors and pay money for them.

Because we collect hair from provinces and moutainous areas which has many fammers and ethnic people so our hair almost is virgin hair, no processing anymore. That is our strength when we sell the hair and we always try to keep that principle: one of top virgin hair companies.

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A collector on the way to collect the hair


A collector is going to cut the hair from a donnor

These are some videos when we cut hair from donors:

Hair from a girl before and after cutting With Virgin Hair 100%

We are cutting the hair from a girl with 100% virgin hair extensions