Wavy hair extensions – When we sell hair, we see that many customers ask about this kind of hair so today we will introduce about it with some necessary information maybe you are finding.

Raw hair and weft hair

With wavy hair extensions we supply 2 types of hair: Raw hair and weft hair. Raw hair is original hair that  we cut from donors, not make weft or anything from this hair. When customers buy it, they have will make weft or wigs easily… depend on customers’ requirement.

With weft hair, we supply 2 kinds: machine weft hair and hand tied weft hair. Machine weft hair with the weft line made by machine and hand tied weft hair with weft line made by hands.

wavy hair extensions

Wavy raw hair

wavy hair extensions

Wavy machine weft hair

wavy hair extensions

Wavy handtied weft hair

Natural wavy hair extensions and steam wavy hair extensions

There are 2 kinds of wavy hair extensions from us: natural wavy hair and steam wavy hair. The difference between them is natural or not natural wavy. If natural wavy hair we don’t make any processing to make wave, steam wavy hair we use steam to make wave for hair. Although we don’t remove cuticle when we make steam wavy hair but with steam wavy hair it is coarser than natural wavy hair.

wavy hair extensions

Steam wavy hair

Black and brown color

Like all kinds of hair from us, wavy hair extensions has 2 colors: black and brown. With natural color we have: natural black and natural dark brown. We don’t supply natural light brown, only have dyed light brown. But with light brown color, it is dyed by donors before cutting so it looks like natural color and so nice.

wavy hair extensions

Dark brown color

Natural wavy

Light brown color – steam hair

Hair from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

The origin of our hair from 3 countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Vietnamese and Laotian hair is the same each other but Cambodian hair is coarser (of course Cambodian hair extensions also have silky hair but the texture shape of hair is different with Vietnamese hair and Laotian hair).

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese Hair

wavy hair extensions

Cambodian hair

Body wavy and deep wavy

Wavy hair extensions from us is mainly body wavy hair with natural texture. Deep wavy is rare with natural hair but we can make deep wavy hair by steam if customers want.

Wavy texture keeps long time, not loose wave all time. With steam curly, it will less wave when customers wash it many times but it has never lost wave too.

wavy hair extensions

Body wavy hair

Deep wavy

Deep wavy

From 6 inches to 32 inches

This length is for all hair from us and the same with wavy hair extensions. The most popular length customers like is from 12 inch to 24 inch.

Hair is measured when it is straightened from the top to bottom.

wavy hair extensions

Wavy hair 8 inch

wavy hair extensions

Wavy hair 24 inch

Single drawn and double drawn

We supply wavy hair with both: single drawn and double drawn in suitable pricelist for retails and wholesale. However, we like wholesale buyers more. We believe that you will receive the best from us.

wavy hair extensions

Single drawn hair

wavy hair extensions

Supper double drawn hair

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