Virgin hair extensions from us many clients love. Because it is virgin hair so very very good to dye and bleach then the color appears nice and exactly.

Our collectors come to different provinces including in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia to collect directly the hair.

We collect the hair in cities, in provinces with villages and moutainous areas so there are persons in cities want to cut hair shorter for convenient to wash and make some styles. There are person in villages or moutainous areas cut hair to get money. Because mostly of them is farmers and not much money and now they can get money from their hair.

We are cutting the hair from virgin hair extensions

We often get a question from clients: Are you sure that the hair not from died persons. We often answer that: in our country, they are dare to use whatever from died persons. If they want to get money from their hair, they can sell hair before they die.

Our collectors often 2 ways to get hair from donors: Cut flat the end of hair and trim the hair. Whatever we do, we try to give beauty for the person having hair, get the silky hair (not tangle) and choose each length from the hair.

These are 2 videos of cutting the hair we make from donors which you can see more and trust our hair with the best.

Trim virgin hair extensions

Cut flat virgin hair extensions

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