That is question we often receive from clients when they know we supply Vietnamese HairVietnamese Hair and Cambodian Hair.
It is difficult for us to answer which hair is better because both of them are good. Vietnamese Hair or Cambodian Hair will be a good choice if you are looking for a kind of virgin, natural and no processing hair.
The hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is collected from women who often own traditional hair and it will last long so much.
However if you are looking for more softer and thinner, Vietnamese Hair will be better. If you are looking for a coarser and thicker, Cambodian will be better.
In Googlehair, you can find Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian hair as your requirement. You will receive the best suggestion with the quality and price for that hair


                      Vietnamese Hair


                     Cambodian Hair

Besides natural hair, Googlehair also supply steam curly hair with many stlyes…showing at the website:
We promise to payback money if the hair you receive not right your requirement before.
You can contact on website with chatring directly or skype or email or whatsapp: 0084 969 133 203
We always to try our best to make you happy because when you are happy we will be happy