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Vietnamese Long Hair from Pupil
                                                          Vietnamese hair

The most famous character of Vietnamese Hair is that it is very smooth and soft. Specially if you wash it with good shampoo or conditioner, it looks really wonderful.

Other important character of Vietnamese Hair is that almost of hair is virgin hair, not being processed and no chemical, all the cuticles intact. Because the hair is collected from women in rural and ethnic area. In these areas, they are mainly farmers, they often let the hair as traditional style (long hair and original hair, wash with plan or fruit as grapefruit peel, locust fruit, basil tree…)

Vietnamese hair with traditional beauty
                         Vietnamese hair with traditional beauty

long hair 20Vietnamese Hair has 2 natural colors: Black and dark brown (1b). However, someone will dye all hair into black color with the hair not good but we can recognize which is natural or dyed by our eyes or using a knife to scrape the outer of hair.

Natural texture of Vietnamese hair is more at straight, then wavy and a little curly. Straight texture is main one. Wavy/curly hair is also natural and makes women looks special in Vietnam. Someone likes it and someone doesn’t like it so they will iron it if they don’t want to cut it for selling. So it is easy to find straight texture in Vietnam and quite difficult to find curly texture.

It is interesting that there is a kind of hair being called Thin Hair in Vietnam which is collected from children or girls. We can see it is thin, silk and soft so much. With thin hair, popular color is dark brown and straight texture. This hair is really special.

Because the hair has full cuticles so it can be ironed or restyled, dyed with ease. If it is cared well, it will last long time (at least 2 years) and can last until 5 years or more.

This is something about Vietnamese Hair for you to have basic view of it. Wish you to have good Vietnamese Hair without mixing or tangle hair at all.

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