Vietnam has big amount of population is fammers and almost of them live in villages and many of them in mountainous areas so they still like traditional care hair methods as locust fruit, basil tree, eleusine indica plant and grapefruit peel.

vo buoiVietnamese women use this kind of fruit cover to make hair more beautiful

Grapefruit peel is very good at making hair silk and soft and removing dandruff effectively. They usually boil clean water with grapefruit peel for 15 minutes and then broken grapefruit peel until the oil the grapefruit peel comes out and they can see it on the face of water.

They only need to use that water to wash hair and no need to use anything more. This will make the hair more silky and soft, lengthen faster and removing dandruff, prevent loosing hair effectively.

nguyen lieu goi dau

Some plants and fruit are used for the water of washing hair of Vietnamese women

Today with modern life, women in cities use good shampoos and conditioners to wash and care their hair with the best but in many villages, specially with ethnic women, they still use these traditional methods and every women in Vietnam have ever used this method at least one time in the life. That is very cheap and wonderful for the beautiful hair.

Because of the benefit of grapefruit peel and many people like them so now it is attracted into oil bottles for women to use it and save time.

That is one of the reasons why Vietnamese women own silk and soft hair although they don’t use any expensive shampoos or conditioners…for their hair.

goi dau


Vietnamese human hair with natural beauty

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