It’s a fact that we are always looking for ways to lengthen, volumize and thicken our tresses!

In just a few “easi” snaps, you will be falling in love with your hair all over again!

Here are a couple looks to update your style any day! On your left, we show you how to add volumen to your hair using easiVolume. On the right, we show you how to add length by using easiXtend.

core easihair for blog

– For a more secure application, lightly spray Jon Renau|easihair Versatile 3-Way Hair Spraynear the base and gently back-comb hair near the scalp before clipping each weft of hair.

– Use a tail-comb to slide in your hair near the crown to establish where your highest application will go. If you can see the tail of the comb, you will be able to see the weft of hair; drop down until the tail of the comb is no longer visible for a seamless application.

(Copy from Jonrenau)

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